Austin's talk:

UX Insights from a Drunk Guy

“Hold my beer.” Those three words have preceded some of the greatest moments in history. But who would’ve thought they’d pave the way for an epic user testing session? In this talk, Austin Knight (UX Designer at HubSpot) will discuss a drunken usability experiment and the unexpected influence that it had on the way that user research is conducted. Learn about new and unconventional methods for overcoming the struggles and pitfalls of traditional user testing, obtaining true and honest user feedback, and verifying the usability and simplicity of a design. Discover the resulting impact on bottom-line metrics like conversion rate, retention, engagement, and revenue. Walk away with a list of tools that you can use to conduct similar research and experiments on your own projects. Finally, learn about what it means to have a Culture of UX and gain actionable advice on how you can create it within your own company.

About Austin

Austin Knight is a UX Designer, speaker, and author at HubSpot in Boston, MA. He currently oversees the UX for,, the HubSpot Blog, and a range of additional front-end web properties and tools, which are used by more than 4 million visitors per month. Upon joining the company, he introduced Lean UX to the internal design team, setting the foundation and framework for UX across all of HubSpot’s web properties. Previously, he’s worked with teams large and small, in organizations ranging from startups to public tech companies. He also serves as a UX and IxD mentor at DesignLab and General Assembly.

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