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Refresh Boston is always looking for fresh faces and presentation topics relating to the web. If you or someone you know is interested in speaking at a future event, fill out the form below and we'll get in touch soon about upcoming speaking opportunities.

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Other Local Groups

There are plenty of other great web & tech communities in the Boston area, including:

Build Guild
A monthly event in Salem, MA for geeks of all kinds to meet, drink and show off their mustaches.
North Shore Web Geeks
For those North Shore folks who can't make it to Boston, this monthly group meets in Newburyport, MA.
UX Book Club Boston
Local club focusing on books about user experience design & development.
The Boston area chapter of ACM's Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction that holds monthly meetings open to everyone.


Microsoft NERD Center
The NERD Center is Microsoft's research & innovation campus in Cambridge, and host to many groups & events, including Refresh Boston.
Wufoo allows you to easily create simple forms on the web to collect information from your customers, users and other groups.
Freshview's Campaign Monitor makes it easy to send out beautiful, effective email campaigns and track the results as you go.
O'Reilly User Group
O'Reilly User Group members save 35% on all titles. Enter discount code: DSUG
Hanerino logo
Refresh Boston is organized by Hanerino, a design studio that specializes in attractive, accessible interfaces for websites & mobile.

To see all our sponsors, past & present, or to offer some help of your own, check out our support page.